How do I use the RepairMonitor?

Using the RepairMonitor is self-explanatory. From the Overview page, click the 'Add new repair' button. In the form that appears, enter the requested information. Need more help? Then watch the video on adding repairs

Who initiated the RepairMonitor and who finances it?

The RepairMonitor is an initiative of Repair Café International Foundation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2017 the monitor was developed with project funding from DOEN Foundation, Adessium Foundation and the then-called Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

What is the aim of the RepairMonitor?

The RepairMonitor is an online tool that enables Repair Cafés to easily monitor which products they receive, what is wrong with them and what has been done - with or without success - to repair the object. By collecting all this data in a central system, we gain insight into the durability and reparability of the items in our daily lives. Repair Café International Foundation and partners approach manufacturers, politicians and consumers. This should lead to better products that fit in with the circular economy.

Our Repair Café always notes the email addresses, postal codes, ages and other visitor information. Can we add this data into the RepairMonitor?

The RepairMonitor is intended for collecting and sharing repair data. The tool is not an overall replacement for the visitor administration that some local Repair Cafés use. Repair Cafés that want to keep track of email addresses, postal codes, ages or other data of their visitors, have to come up with a solution themselves. For example, via a guestbook or sign-up sheet or by conducting an occasional survey.

Who has access to the data I provide?

Information entered into RepairMonitor can only be edited from one's own login account. The information entered can be publicly viewed and downloaded by anyone, via the RepairMonitor dashboard. Repair Café International periodically edits the information, among other things to remove typing errors from the system. When drawing conclusions from the data and publishing these conclusions in order to support the plea for repairable items, Repair Café International is bound by privacy rules. Data are therefore used purely in anonymised form.

For privacy reasons, I do not want to add the names of the repairers. How do I solve this?

The field 'name repairer' is not mandatory. If you do not wish to fill in a name, you can leave the field blank. You can also decide for a general description like 'team Repair Café [place name]'.