About us

Repairmonitor.org is a website run by the Repair Café International Foundation. This foundation, located in Amsterdam, wants to bring a modern way of repairing back to local communities. It helps groups of volunteers around the world to organise their own Repair Café: a monthly or weekly repair meeting for and by neighbours.

During these meetings, which are organised in many hundreds of places in dozens of countries, a wealth of repair knowledge is gained. The RepairMonitor is intended to collect this knowledge. So that repairers can learn from one another, and we can draw conclusions about the reparability of the products in our daily lives. This is useful information for consumers, producers and politicians.

Repairable products for the circular economy

Repair Café International Foundation, together with partners, works for repairable products that fit in with the circular economy. With the data collected in the RepairMonitor, we can substantiate our goal.

That is why we hope that as many Repair Café volunteers as possible will use the RepairMonitor and answer the questions in the monitor with as much detail as possible.

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